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One of the features of this game is to allow multiple gaming styles to exist side by side. The problem is, though, that PvP is a dominant style. If left to own devices, PvP usually takes over the game and any other style becomes impossible, or pointless.

In TGOW, we'll try to find a way to balance things out: allowing PvP, and even PK, but in a way that will not be too dominant, so as not to squeeze out everybody else.

A few points:

  • There will be no "safe zones" in the game. Every player is always at risk of being attacked by another player. There might be a few exceptions to this, like for instance, a beginner's area or perhaps a new player is immune to attacks in the first day or two in the game, but that's about it. Note, though: safe zones are different from "protected zones".
  • Killing a "blue" player will have consequences similar to the classic Ultima Online: you will be classified as a murderer, and guards will attack you inside cities.
  • Most cities will be protected areas. While a player can be attacked by another player inside a city, if it's a guarded city, s/he will be able to request assistance from the city guards, which in practical terms means the attacker gets killed on the spot.
  • The penalties for killing blue players will be harsh. Unlike in UO where you become "red" only after 5 kills, and then you can "wait the kills out" until they expire, here you'll become red from the very first kill, and it'll take longer to "wash the kills away". The purpose of this more harsh system is to allow PK, but at the same time, to avoid opportunist PKs. If you wish to be a PK, there will be a way to do it, but it's an investment. It's a decision about your gaming style that you'll have to make. It's not going to be something you get in and out of easily.
  • There will be a PvP system that will allow lots of battles against other players without becoming red. There will be guild wars, and even faction wars: even as a solo player, you'll be able to join a faction and attack anybody of the opposite faction with no consequences. What we're trying to limit is PK, not PvP.