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My bigger vision for this game is that the video game is just a part of it. Windsor Isles is a fantasy world which I would like to be expanded, with stories being told and scenarios played out. Many people are waiting eagerly for the expiration of copyright on Lord of the rings because they want to be able to expand on it, and write fan fiction: I say, we don't need it.

Let's create our own world, free from copyright trolling.

Part of the idea is for players to tell stories about WI. We can come up with the main story(ies) and history of the game workd, but also smaller marginal stories about specific places, persons or events.

For instance, look at the game world. Find a mountain, or a valley, or a lake. Tell us about this mountain. Is it a cursed mountain? Does a powerful entity reside within it? Is there a greater story associated with it? Is the valley a location of some ancient battle? Or perhaps something sinister lives inside the lake.

Look at the map (currently, only partial map available), and write stories about it. It's not just the big story of the world. The game world is huge. There are many islands, geographic features, and locations, and we want this to be the basis for fan-fiction and story telling.

Let's all become the writers and historians of this fantasy world.