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Welcome to The Ghost of Windsor Online

This wiki will serve as a information repository for the upcoming MMORPG.

What is The Ghost of Windsor?

The Ghost Of Windsor Online is an indie game project. An attempt to create a non-profit MMORPG in the tradition of games like Ultima Online.

A world dedicated to mystery, fantasy, story telling, Role playing, trading/crafting and some good ol' PvP Stay tuned for updates on the progress of development.

A few key aspects of the planned game:

  • Strong emphasis on the "RPG" part of MMORPG.
  • More than just a game. We want to create a fantasy world where the game itself is just a part of it.
  • Large game world called The Windsor Isles
  • Multifaceted gameplay. Exploring, crafting, trading as gaming styles in their own right, rather than supplementary activity to PvP.
  • Complex crafting system.
  • Unique approach to player housing. Main cities will be large, and have lots of housing units that players will be able to purchase.
  • No teleports of any kind. This will give gaming distances a meaning, and allow for a more challenging and interesting trading.
  • Balance between combative and non-combative game styles to enable a great PvP experience, yet to also allow non combative gaming styles like crafting, exploring, and trading.
  • The game will cost a fixed monthly price, just to cover the expanses. No microtransactions, or any kind of pay-to-win schemes.